Who we are

Who we are

It was in 2011 that the idea of Scap Techno Fab Pvt. Ltd., our flagship company, was conceived and over the period of 10 years, we have been able to nurture, flourish and evolve with the help of our unshakable certitude towards fervour and forge. Our consistent efforts and perseverance led us to expand our horizons and the tree widened its branches in the form our two sister concerns in the year 2018-19

  • SCAP TECHNO FAB PVT. LTD. (Estd. 2011)

    Products: PP spun bond nonwoven fabrics (Thermal Bonding) with 6 production lines of 2.4 meter to 4.0 meter each enabling the production capacity to be as much as 20000Mt / annum.


    Products: Paper Tube, Paper Core (Core Pipe) Production capacity to be as much as 2700Mt / annum

  • SCAP TEX COAT PVT. LTD. (Estd. 2019)

    Products: PU coated nylon fabrics PU coated polyester PVC coated polyester PA coated polyester Polyester lining fabrics coated Production capacity to be as much as 2.5 Crore meters / annum Infants as we may seem, we are as confident to grow as a young future generation with a zeal and immense prospect of growth via our inherent qualities of team spirit and hard work in years to come.

Our Products


Hydrophobic Non-Woven


Laminated Non-Woven Fabric


Printed Non-Woven fabric


UV treated non-woven fabric


Anti Skid Non Woven Fabric

Our Product Use In

Medical Use

Surgical operation coat, protective apparel, medical mask, medical bandage, diaper, sanitary napkin, wipe, lab coat, surgical drape, feminine hygiene, etc.

Household Use

Gown, table cover, bed clothing, pillow case, house-wrap, blanket, shopping bag, etc.

Garment Use

Interlining for front part, interlining for shoes and hat, etc.

Industrial Use

Industrial filtering cloths, roof material, roll goods, insulation protection, Cement wrapper, geomembrance, industrial wipe, etc.

Other Use

Automotive carpet, spray-bonded Non-woven, interior decoration lining for automobile, automotive headliner, etc.

Agriculture Use

Sprout cultivation cloth, warming drape, etc.